James Mechem Construction Inc. specializes in modular home installations; however, we are a general construction company capable of a wide variety of construction related services.

Modular Home Installation

If you have purchased a manufactured home and are ready to install it, JMC has all the tools and expertise to get the job done. It is important to have a reliable and experienced company install your home, as improper setup can significantly reduce the life of even the best constructed homes. Remember, installation of the home is just as important or more important than the actual purchase. We will:

  • Construct according to manufacturers guidelines
  • Provide the steps in which we will construct
  • Provide a written warranty covering your home during installation
  • Provide a written contract detailing all processes and information necessary


There are many reasons to have your home remodeled. These could include:

  • Typical wear and tear
  • Outdated style/functionality
  • Poor original construction
  • Size issues
Remodeling can be a daunting task. It takes strenuous coordination with your construction company to make sure you get the result you're looking for. The colors of your new kitchen need to match, their needs to be enough space in the bathroom, or maybe a whole new room needs to be constructed. JMC works side by side with our clients to get the new remodel just right. Budget friendly or high end renovations, we will work to give you the extorior and interior you're looking for.

Custom Home Builds

Constructing a new home is a big task. From design with an architech to carrying out those plans with a contractor, JMC will guide you through the process. JMC believes that the role of the contractor is not only to build the home, but to assist pre-build with plans and post-build with any questions that may occur. We understand these projects can hold sentimental value, and we go to great lengths to approach each professionally and personally. JMC aims to build you a home you will love living in.